I'm Josh Cappel, a Toronto-based game designer and game artist. My design credits include Wasabi, Bomb Squad Academy, Foodfighters, and several more due to be released through 2016-2017. My art credits include the first edition of Pandemic, Endeavor, 1960: The Making of the President, Belfort, Scoville, Garden Dice, and dozens more. My primary goal when working on a project is to make the appearance of the game service the gameplay. The appearance for me encompasses the art, graphic design, instructive text, flavour text, naming, iconography, and physical component structure. I also do a lot of work to develop the rulebooks of games, since to me the rulebook is the single most important component. Making games look good and work better for a wide variety of publishers is what I do; I still learn new lessons with every job, and I'm still discovering new ways to present information so that it elevates the player's experience. Much more to come!